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About us

Anastasia Chikezie is the founder of PURELY NATURAL one of the first natural hair salons to open in the UK. The first branch was opened 24 years ago, June 1990 to be exact!

Purely Natural Contemporary natural Hair Salon is a multiple award winning salon, who specialists in Afro and Mixed Textured natural Hair.

Ever dreamt of having healthy, beautiful looking hair, well you’ve come to the right place. From the moment you arrive at our salon, you’ll feel the stress of your busy lifestyle evaporate. Spoil yourself, relax and liven up in our contemporary natural hair salon.

Purely natural have been providing first class services to the people of London and beyond since 1990, Styling some of the world’s celebrities and recreating fashionable styles for our customers, fashion shows and events.

You can be sure that our team know exactly how to give you a sensational look to suit your individual personality and lifestyle perfectly.

Our expertly trained staff are hear at hand to recognise your needs, requirements and are able to give a quality service. Visit one of our salon today and you’ll soon see why we have become one of the leading natural hairdressers in the UK.


In 2013 The BBC Interviewed Anastasia about the resurgence of natural hair and this was aired throughout the world, and was quickly followed by an interview for ARISE NEWS about her input in the natural hair industry.

She has also had the opportunity showcase her talent and feature in two films and two documentaries.

BBC: Natural hair revival for black women

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Arise News: Natural hair feature on This Day live

Beauty Is… Official Trailer video



Over the years PURELY NATURAL has won many awards…..

  • First runner up black woman in business award 2007 (Anastasia Chikezie)
  • sensational award for best braid 2006 (Anastasia Chikezie)
  • Sensational award for best braid 2008. (Anastasia Chikezie)
  • Sleek hair award braid stylist of the year 2009 (Nilsa Laranjeria)
  • Sensational award natural hair stylist of the year 2012 ( Anastasia Chikezie)
  • Finalist for sensational Hair awards 2014 for hair natural hair styling (Anastasia Chikezie)
  • Finalist for sensational hair awards 2014 for bridal ( Karen Gauld)

"I love Purely Natural. Always amazing service, I wouldn't go anywhere else for my hair treatment!"

Jemma Smith

"Get The Vintage Look At Purely Natural Salon Of London Beautiful"

Rainbow Blak

"This salon does an amazing 'Twist Out' - highly recommended if you've got natural afro hair."

Nadia Palmer
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